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Chesapeake Bay Charts for Dummies is a great addition to any boat fishing the Chesapeake Bay. These laminated charts were created by one of the best charter guides on the Chesapeake Bay, Captain John Deering. All charts are water proof to prevent any water stains from ruining them and are great to store on the boat year round without damage. There are currently 4 charts that break down the each section of the bay. Below is a description of each section on the chart. There are contour lines to help with the fluctuating depths and best of all each section have labeled numbers corresponding to Captain John’s best fishing places. On these charts you can look up a number from the front and get a description of that area on the back. Descriptions include how to fish the area, what fish to look for, what kind of structure and much more. If you want to stay ahead of everyone else these charts are going to help. Each chart is $19.00 or you can have all four for $70.00.

Upper Chesapeake Bay: This chart runs from Rickett Pt down to Kent Island. There are a total of 18 different hot fishing spots that will guide you in the right direction for catching fish.

Upper Middle Chesapeake Bay: This chart runs from Sandy Point State Park all the way down to Poplar Island. There are a total of 21 hot spots in this little area that will guarantee you fish.

Eastern Bay: This chart covers all of Eastern Bay from the Chester River to Poplar Island. There are 16 hot spots to find not only Stripers but the even more popular Reds and Specks.

Lower Middle Chesapeake Bay: This chart covers North Beach down to Rocky Point including Breezy Point and Calvert Cliffs. There are 17 hot spots on this chart including the popular Power Plant.



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